A Truck Named Travis
There's a hero in each of us.
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 A Truck Named Travis: There's a Hero in Each of Us is a perfect read for book clubs and reader circles, children's religious and social groups, or any kind of interactive group or family setting where its simple and meaningful life lessons can be discussed.

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After 25 years in the waste industry of getting up every morning at 3 to 4am and working endless hours and days. After building a successful small waste company with my wife and having 4 beautiful children and explaining to them what I do for a living and how important it is to everyone. Mr Shockley has created a book that not only tells of waste industry drivers but conveys a message that every person is special and needed. My youngest daughter is 7 years old and she read it from cover to tail. I had given it to her for a Christmas present. Unbelievable, fantastic, I loved it, she said after the read. Then the magic began, the forty five minute discussion on how kids in her class and school were like a lot of the characters in the book. What a great evening. Thanks for the magic.
Sincerely: Mike Norris, VIce President /Operations Manager 
Peninsula Division for Bay Disposal and Recycling, Newport News Va 
"A Truck Named Travis," written by Tim Shockley and illustrated by Denis Proulx, is a well-written children's story highlighting the importance of every individual and every job, no matter how small or meaningless it may seem. Travis is a trash-collection truck and while he is a good worker and enjoys his job, he allows the negative things that other trucks that think they are better than trash-collecting trucks say. Travis allows the negativity to bring down his attitude and overpower the positive talks that his best friend Trisha, another trash-collection truck, gives him. One day, no workers arrive to start up the trash-collection trucks, and then days turn into weeks of not working. The trucks do not know what is going on; all they know is that the garbage is taking over the city and making people ill. Suddenly, running the trash-collection trucks is the number one priority and Travis learns just how important his job actually is. 

Not only is this a great book to teach children about treating others kindly and pointing out to them how teasing and negative comments can hurt someone, but it is also a great book to use to teach the importance of public works jobs. Too often these jobs are taken for granted, overlooked or not respected and this is a great way for children to learn just how important each job or role a person plays is. I loved the illustrations that went along with the story. They are well-done, cute for children and filled with details! Also, the friendship between Travis and Trisha is a great addition to the story as it teaches children the importance of a true friend.

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